HYPO NOE First Facility
A one-stop entire
property management

HYPO NOE First Facility, being a subsidiary of HYPO NOE, offers the service “facility management”. As 100% subsidiary bank we provide after-sale services in responsible, sound and transparent way.

Professional care at all levels

We believe that it is our job to keep the value of the property unchanged and to increase it at the same time. We manage all the services related to the property and we do our best to supply the relevant facilities and resources. Our main focus is on the people – we wish them to feel well in the buildings we serve as we look at the management service in an overall context.

The value of a given property depends not only on the construction of the site but also on that if people are happy to live and work there. Our range of services extends across the entire life cycle of the property. That is why we cooperate with you on energy efficiency issues, we create cost transparency and optimize your current production costs.

HYPO NOE First Facility - Our references
Our references

Our services

  • Management
  • Service and maintenance of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, sanitary installations
  • Project engineering
  • Energy Efficiency Service
  • Checks of security systems
  • Fail-safe power supply installations